Here is my five-year-old doing what she loves best: playing with her doll!

If you care to join in the fun go over to iheartfaces and enter a picture. It’s great fun!!

My little doll

We had serious baby fever after playing around for a few hours with this little cutie. What a great addition to a great family!

Thanks to an old college friend, we were able to practice on this not-even-ten-days-old little cutie!! And what a special experience it was for us working together as a team for the first time.

Here are just a few of our favorites.

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What are some traditional lucky symbols that you can think of? How has our culture created its own perception of what brings luck (and what brings bad luck?). look around your surroundings….what lucky “token” can you find?

Crossing our fingers is a hand gesture we do to wish for good luck. Maybe my daughter is hoping that this will be the last picture I ever take of her.

Green is symbolically the color for newness, new beginnings, spring and life. Today I want you to find the green. This can be anything that is either the literal color green or something that brings newness, new beginnings, life, or hope to an otherwise dismal situation. Look at your day not as a series of hurdles/problems, but as a blessing! We are so lucky for all that we have. Capture this with your lens!

Green is my favorite color this time of year. Green indicates that the long, cold winter it over, and that life is beginning again. For the past three months I’ve been stuck inside, so I’m eager to get outside and witness these little miracles. Here is my little miracle, here’s my little patch of green.

Day 1: What inanimate object/thing/concept is something that you take for granted on a daily basis? What would someone who is not as fortunate as you are say about your “luck” to have such a thing in your life? Think about your blessings today. Focus on opportunity/experience/something you have/do EVERYDAY that is an unforeseen blessing in your life.

For me it is food. I take for granted that it will always be at my disposal, whenever I want or need it.

I participated in a online class for the month of February. The purpose of the class was to inspire its students to document life. The people you love, the things you do; the everyday life that sometimes is unappreciated. Here are my submissions.

This is my six year old....and this is how she looks

How they look

This is my six year old’s toothless grin.

What they wear

My son in his “big boy pants”. This is pretty much all he wears at home.

What they do to annoy you

My kids love to jump on the bed…even when they know they’re not suppose to. ¬†Why must they break the rules on MY bed?!?!

What they love

This is my son with his “Sheepy”. He doesn’t go anywhere without it.


My daughter holding a picture of her Grandfather. It’s amazing the similarities between the two.



My girls LOVE arts and crafts!


Gifts they give

My husband has given me many gifts, but these are my first.



During this very long and cold winter, I dream of our beach vacations.



Every night we read books before bed. Here Abby is reading Dick and Jane.


Staying in

This is basically what I do everyday, all day.


When they're gone


This is my favorite time of the day. A cup of tea with a little bit of chocolate makes everything better.









Going out

A nice day in February?! We HAD to go out and splash in the puddles!





Two buddies!

How they play

A little patty-cake between cousins



In the future I hope that my girls are still best-friends.



My daughter loves to write us notes.