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No clowning around!!!

Project 52 Week|4

Erin Raven|PHOTOS


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Decisions, decisions.

So this week’s theme was “your choice”, so of course “my choice” was easy! My kids!! Even though they cry pretty much every. single. time. I pull out my camera and ask them if I can take a picture of them, I continue to stalk them with it!  I might have ruined them for life. 😉

Abby's little kisser!

Could they get any longer!?!?!?

Abby's favorite pastime!

The last one is a little blurry because my SIX year old was screaming. Apparently it was way too difficult to get a picture of… her hair?!?

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The first snowfall of winter is always exciting, almost magical; yet come January it feels like nothing but a curse. This past week we got hit pretty hard and since my husband was out of town for a few days he had a lot of catching up to do!!!

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Have you ever gone to the store for the sole purpose of purchasing marbles? Well good luck, because they’re hard to come by! Could it be the MAJOR choking hazard marbles have, or that they are simply old-fashioned. (I mean seriously! When was the last time you heard someone playing with marbles?!??!) I had to beg, borrow and steal for these, but I got them for this week’s theme.

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I had such a blast with this week’s theme: Fruits and Vegetables. Who knew that something that you look at everyday could look so different through a camera’s lens. Suddenly things that seemed so mundane to me had a purpose, and because of that purpose, I opened my eyes to them. How did I miss all these little details?
So I learned a lesson this week. I learned to look closer, to look longer, to look. Period. Who knows what amazing things I will discover just looking into the ordinary.

Crab Apple



Roots of a Green Onion

Green Pepper Seeds

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Silence is golden

This morning I was in my room and glanced back to notice Jack lying on the bed in a rare quiet moment. He only gave me seconds to capture this moment for soon he was off once again antagonizing his little sister down the hallway. As little and as short lived as they are, I just love these moments.

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I know. It’s hard to believe that I would actually be wishing for snow. Come November I’m usually begging my husband to move down south. But this year was different! I have a macro lens now….and I can take pictures of snowflakes! So bring on winter, bring on the snow; I’m ready for anything.

Here are a few:

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