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Week 7|Project 52

This week I met a few girlfriends at the library and took a lot of fun pictures. This one of my friend’s daughter happened to be my favorite. What a little beauty 🙂
The pictures of Ella just crack me up, such a ham!!! Clearly we are messing up our kids 🙂


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Kiss me!

This week was Valentine’s Day, so of course our theme was that as well.  My favorite thing about this holiday: CANDY!! Can you tell?

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Drink up!

This week’s theme: beverages.

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I was kind of dreading this week’s theme, wood. We had a nasty storm during the week, the kids missed two days of school because of it, and I was in no mood to go outside to take pictures of trees. Well, thank goodness for toys that aren’t plastic!! I was able to raid my son’s toy box to come up with a few things… and stay warm in the meantime!!

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Project 52|Week 5


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